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The RAW Regal ashtray is designed for smoking royalty and features a special wind-resistant design - unlike your ashes, prepare to be blown away!


The regal ashtray by RAW has a unique criss-cross pattern that creates dozens of places to leave your leftovers - if you need a break just lay your smoke on the top to save for later, if you're done place them vertically to extinguish them. Placing your ash and other detritus through the holes sends them to the chamber below where they will stay regardless of the harsh winds blowing across them!

The wind-resistant design makes smoking outside a breeze even when the breeze picks up.


The RAW regal ashtray is constructed from high-quality polished metal and has a nice heavyweight feel to it, there are also 4 rubber feet on each corner to protect your table and add even more stability to the ashtray.

The RAW Regal wind-resistant ashtray is the King of Ashtrays, the ruler of rollies, and the keeper of ashes!


  • Regal Ashtray by RAW
  • Made from high-quality heavyweight metal
  • Unique criss-cross design
  • Special wind-resistant design
  • Length: 8cm
  • Depth: 8cm


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