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Discover the Difference Nature Makes

We believe in only using natural, organic ingredients that Mother Nature intended for us to use... Did you know that everything that is naturally grown has a purpose and can be generally used as a remedy or daily product with therapeutic & healing properties that can help with homeostasis within the human body, you just have to know which ones to use & how to use them to gain the best results.

That is where we come in with our extensive research into natural, organic remedies & products as well as CBD, cannabis oils and shroom micro-dosing. There is an alternative treatment or therapy for everything out there and we intend to do our best to research, study, craft & make the best suitable products for you.


Unfortunately, with quite a few branded products on the market today and almost every prescribed prescription, there is a list of side-effects that can be caused especially with long term use. Our PROMISE to you is that none of own products contain any harmful toxins or have any horrible side effects - you may become addicted to how good our brand is wanting lifetime use after your first try but this is the only lasting effect which is a positive. And why not? It is all good for you on the outside & within!

To help the environment & your pockets, we only use recyclable & sustainable packaging on all of our products enabling our members even more discounts on reusable glass & packaging sent for refills or reuse.

Never Tested 
on Animals

We are very proud of the fact that NONE of our products are tested on animals and NEVER will be! We do not make products for animals so why the heck would we want to test any of our products on innocent animals? This goes against everything we believe in and we stand firmly against all animal testing on any of the products we make or endorse & sell by other brands.

All of our products have been tested on willing HUMAN participants that understand, acknowledge & want to be involved in our case studies, with weekly consultations, before, during & after & photographic evidence as well as participant diary of healing. Some case studies are also reviewed by medical Dr's that the participant is registered with as a second medical evaluation.

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