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This Cleansing kit put together by our team is also great for beginners & is a great entry for someone who is new to the world of Sage Smudging. In this pack are the following items:


Abalone Shell


White Californian Sage

Palo Santo Stick

7 chakra crystal pendant

Guiding instructions leaflet


How to Use Sage Smudging Kit

Now that you have created your smudge kit, or you may already have bought one, the next thing you need to do is get all the other materials you need for smudging. You will need something to light your sage and smudge kit. You can use a candle, lighter, or a match. It depends on what items you have to burn your smudge kit. 


 Native Americans use an abalone shell for this to bring in a water element.  This shell is used to catch ash/embers from the sage and palo santo stick to burn.


Don't feel rushed when starting the ritual. Calm yourself, and remember that intention is key. Contemplate what your wishes are for your home and yourself. To start the ritual, begin at your front door and light the smudge stick. Move mindfully and with care, walk clockwise around your home. Make sure to do this around your house and maintain walking in a clockwise direction. You can chant or add a mantra while doing this. Walk back to where you started and chant a final prayer or mantra. Visualize that your home is filled with bright white sunlight. Speak your intention one last time to close the smudging ceremony. 

You can use the shell to hold the sage and Palo Santo as it burns whilst using the smudging feather to guide the moke into all corners, entrances & rooms in your house. Remember to leave the window or door open in ech room you ssmudge to release negative energy.



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