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Our all new CBD FLOATING CANDLE  range are a truly eye catching centrepiece for any home or workplace with the added goodness of using natural CBD beeswax & soya wax tealight candles!


This visually captivating Red & White pearl ball centrepiece created by our team, is arranged in a vase with clear water beads, solid water pearls & beads  - all you have to do is add the water, put one of our tealight candles on top & light to release that CBD goodness whilst wowing your dinners guests, friends & work colleagues!


This unique product can last years as long as you change the water in the vase on a weekly basis & give it a good clean. You can add some of our other beads to create another design as well as changing your fresh clear water beads every 6 months if in constant use.

We always have our natural CBD beeswax & soya wax Tealight candles for sale in boxes on their own as well so you can replace the candles once your first set is used.


In this product:

1 x VASE (15cmx9cm) filled with clear water beads, & hard water pearl & beads.

6 x CBD Tealight Candles

LED Lights are NOT included but can be added to your order from the options button.


How to use product:

Fill Vase with water, add a CBD tealight candle on top & light.

Do not keep candle lit for more than 1.5hrs - replace candle if running low to water, never leave unattended or in reach of children or pets.

If you have purchased LED lights please use ONLY at the base of the vase on the outside not inside the vase at all.


PriceFrom £18.99
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