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HIGH LIFE exclusive pre rolled cones available now to purchase online & pick up from collaborating stores, lounges, clubs & coffee shops around the world!

This Exclusive Hybrid cone hast some of the smoothest & clean Cali kush bud grown all naturally mixed with some of that fire FORBIDDEN FRUIT Water Hash! This cone is a real lift off and relax kinda cone!


Each cone is expertly individually hand filled & crafted by our creative stoner team & CONE QUEEN, using top shelf flowers from collaborating stores only - NO TOBACCO OR TOBACCO SUBSTITUTE USED our cones are pure!  


We only use slow burn, vegan, non gmo cones packed out with the best flowers available making your pre roll a slow, smooth & very tasty smoke!


1g, 1.5g & 2g cones available in each strain:

1g - Blue

1.5g - Pink

2g - Green

All cone pre-rolls are packed in air tight glass containers to keep them fresh - please use within the expiration date.


STRAIN: CALI KUSH (1.2g) / FORBIDDEN FRUIT WATER HASH - Grey Area Exclusive (.3g)

1.5g total mix







Please be advised you must be over 18 to purchase this product and each store may ask for proof of age upon pick up.

If ordered online Cones will not be sent anywhere they are not legally permitted, it is against the law to send from different states & or countries unless a legal export licence is acquired.


Only licensed dispensaries/Lounges/Cannabis Clubs/Coffee Shops/delivery services will be able to sell our cones, please do not buy from unlicensed stores & always look out for our official logos and listing stores above.


This item can also be bought for souvenir use in some countries but must not be consumed by doing so.



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