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RELAX & MEDITATE - our infamous all natural candle with therapeutic aromatherapy essential oils to help you into a deep state of calm.


Our candles are all handmade with love by our team using only natural products:

*ONLY Natural Beeswax & Soya wax sourced locally

*Slow burn eco hemp wicks

*Pure organic full spectrum CBD oil by Raised Spirit

*Organic fresh pressed fragrance & Essential oils

*Vegan Friendly

*Fireproof reusable jars used for each candle made


Our all organic CBD candles are infused with pure organic full spectrum CBD oil, so that every breath in or smell has a therapeutic value as well as letting off some of the most amazing natural frangrances that fill your home and workspace  - what you burn you breath in so make sure its good for you is our motto!

We only use the best organic CBD grown and produced in the U.K. by a family run business - Raised Spirit who are certified growers with a unique natural and organic take on every product they produce!


Each candle is handmade with love using the following ingredients:

*Natural Beeswax & Soya wax 50/50 ratio mix

*Bespoke Fragrance oil that we source and also press ourselves such as:

Lavender, Cedarwood, Frankencense, Pine, Sweet Orange, Cinnamon, Vanilla pods, Rosemary plus many more and our own special secret essential oill pressed fresh from calming quality flowers.

*Full Spectrum CBD Oil


Different candles promote different health & wellbeing but all have CBD...



SPA CBD CANDLE: Our exclusive SPA candle has been lovingly handcrafted to create a sense of wellbeing in the spa and at home with a mix of lavender, cedarwood, pine and our secret relaxing essential oil this is the candle to be used if you want that all relaxing feeling throughout.

CHRISTMAS CBD CANDLE - with all the aromas you would associate christmas with such as cedarwood, pine, cinnamon & orange.

RELAX & MEDITATE CBD CANDLE - this candle gives you that warm feeling inside with aromas such as lavendar, pine & rosemary which help you to relax and is also great to burn when meditating.

FRESH & CLEAN CBD CANDLE - this candle is for those that love the smell of fresh clean laundry mixed with our secret essential oil.

NATURES CALL CANDLE - this candle promotes outside fresh smells inside using essential oils that mimicks fresh cut grass and leaves.

VANILLA BEAN CANDLE - this candle is for the lovers of all things vanilla, with our fresh extracted vabilla pods and beans mixed with our own secret essectial oil.

CANDY CLUB CANDLE - this candle is for the candy lovers and is also especially great for the little ones - introducing them to natural cbd fragrances with our cotton candy & CBD exclusive.

SO SAUVAGE CANDLE - this candle has been specifically designed with a strong male designer fragrance smell  - Diors Sauvage - so that your home & workspace can be filled with the nostalgic smell of an expensive designer aftershave with the goodness of CBD!


All candles are available in 9cl,  20cl, 30cl & 50cl glass jars.

*CBD Content per candle:

9cl Candle: 10mg   20cl Candle: 20mg  30cl Candle: 30mg  50cl Candle: 50mg


As our candles are handmade in batches and need around 10 days to cure, we make a certain amount unless pre-ordered and we also advise of the next delivery date (the date the candles are ready) in our info section above. Please always check this date.



Do not move the candle once lit

Do not burn for longer than 3 hours

Do not leave the candle unattended or in reach of children


PriceFrom £6.50
Candles that are OUT OF STOCK will be available to pre-order for delivery before Christmas
  • ALL CBD candles that are now out of stock will be ready to deliver to your door 10 days after your order is placed.

    Please pre-order now to avoid disappointment as these are hand made in small batches.

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