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Lift Tickets Rainbow Zlushi Infused Rolling Papers 

The Lift Tickets Rainbow Zlushi papers are infused with one of the new exotic hybrids that have taken the rapidly diversifying market of cannabis strains by storm. 

Rainbow Zlushiez is a super candy-heavy variety that is bred by crossing Zlushi with Rainbow Beltz & Zlushiez, Zlushiez itself is a cross of Rainbow Beltz #20 and Rainbow Beltz F1, which they've then crossed back to the original Rainbow Betltz. 

Lift Tickets Laboratory is the originator the infused rolling paper market, and they remain the GOATs through meticulous terpene extraction and a devotion to the scene that allows them to collaborate with the most sought-after genetics/cuts on the market. 

  • Loaded with real cannabis terpenes from the actual strain that is named on the packet, unlike the competitors. 
  • Significant boost in Terpenes & enhanced effects
  • Easy to Roll
  • Natural Papers
  • Includes 5 premium glass tips that come with a silicone tip that can be used to ensure no material drops out of the glass tip. 
  • Paper Dimensions- 5x 9 x 1inch 
  • Glass Tips feature the Lift Ticket branding 
  • Tips are reusable, just soak in isopropyl alcohol or orange chronic


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