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The Lift Tickets Pure Z papers are infused with one of the most sought-after exotic hybrids ever created, the Original Z, as bred by Terp HogzPure Z aka Original Z has taken the world of cannabis strains that is ever developing and expanding by storm thanks to its intense candy-heavy flavour. 


Pure Z is a super tropical and exotic hybrid that is believed to be a unique three-way cross whose genetics have yet to be publicly disclosed by the breeders. Rumoured to have Grape Ape & Grapefruit in the lineage with the third part being unconfirmed, one thing is for sure: it is a sweet, tropical-tasting strain that has captured the hearts of many smokers across the globe.


Lift Tickets Laboratory is the architect of the terpene-infused rolling papers that are enjoyed by flavour chasers globally. They remain the dominant force in the market thanks to their ever-evolving craft and thorough terpene extraction process and their deep dedication to the cannabis industry, culture and plant, enabling them to collaborate with the most sought-after genetics/cuts on the market. This Pure Z release is the perfect example of this, a true exotic not grown by many due to accessibility and the master growing abilities needed to cultivate her successfully. 


  • Loaded with genuine 'Original Z aka Pure Z' Cannabis terpenes from the actual strain named on the packet, unlike the competitors. 
  • Significant boost in Terpenes & enhanced effects
  • Easy to Roll
  • Natural Papers
  • Naturally Infused
  • Includes five premium glass tips that come with a silicone tip that helps to ensure there is no material loss out of the mouthpiece  
  • Paper Dimensions- 5x 9 x 1inch 
  • Glass Tips features the Lift Ticket branding. 
  • Tips are reusable; soak in isopropyl alcohol or orange chronic.
  • Terpene Infused Paper
  • Air Tight packaging for flavour preservation


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