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The Lift Tickets Lemon Cherry Gelato Infused Rolling Papers are a premium accessory designed to take your smoking experience to new heights. The Lift Ticket artisans meticulously craft papers infused with the crowd-pleaser Lemon Cherry Gelato strain.

Lemon Cherry Gelato is a captivating hybrid that indulges the palate with a compelling fusion of citrusy lemon and sweet cherry notes. This exquisite combination unleashes a burst of fruity delight with a subtle, creamy undertone, creating an irresistible flavor profile that appeals to even the most discerning enthusiasts. The refreshing lemon zest harmonizes beautifully with the rich, sweet cherry undertones, delivering a symphony of flavors that is both harmonious and delectable.

Lift Tickets Laboratory stands as a shining beacon in the world of terpene-infused rolling papers, catering to flavor connoisseurs. Their unwavering dedication to the cannabis industry and culture empowers them to collaborate with the finest genetics and strains, exemplified by their selection of the elusive Lemon Cherry Gelato. This strain is a rare gem where Lift Tickets has mastered its infusion techniques.

What truly sets these rolling papers apart is their authentic infusion with genuine Lemon Cherry Gelato cannabis terpenes. This infusion results in a substantial increase in terpene content, thereby intensifying the overall flavor and effects of your smoking experience. 

Rolling with these papers is seamless, making your roll as fast as possible. The papers measure 5x9x1 inches, providing ample room for your rolling endeavors. The airtight packaging guarantees the preservation of the exquisite Lemon Cherry Gelato flavour profile, ensuring that every session is as delightful as the last.  


Each pack includes five premium glass tips adorned with the Lift Ticket branding. Every tip has a silicone cap that ensures no material is lost from the mouthpiece. The Lift Ticket tips are reusable and effortlessly cleaned with either isopropyl alcohol or an orange chronic solution.


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