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Our infused chocolate bars are a great treat for chill nights at home or session nights with your mates depending on the infusion! 


Each choclate bar is handmade with love by our team & with exact measurements per piece, so if your bar of chocolate is 500mg total then each piece you can break off will have  50mg per piece. (We always advise to start on the lowest strength if you have not tried these before and eat by the piece NOT the whole chocolate bar unless your a frequent buyer & know your limits) 

Option of milk chocolate, orange or plant based vegan too and made fresh on the day of purchase so your chocolate bars can last up to 6 months!


*Orange flavour Chocolate with Almond Canna Crumble 

*Handmade fresh on day of purchase

*Lasts up to 6 months

*1 B46 with 10 breakable pieces

*Exact Infusion measurements

*Bar size: L x W: 16.3cm x 8.3cm


These chocolate bars come with either 500mg, 750mg, 1000mg or 1500mg fresh pressed extract so everything is measured correctly to the point!


PriceFrom £46.00
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