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It's that time of year again where you can pre-order our exclusive HIGHLY ENFUSED ADVENT CALENDARS - this is the ulitmate advent caledar for any stoner out there.


The fun, tasty & full of green goodness adults advent calendar is packed ful of flavours, sweets & accessories with 24 different compartments for the 24 days leading up to Christmas!


Whether you want to buy it for a friend or loved one we guarantee this is the ultimate smokers advent calendar that will put a grin on their face for 12 days!


This calendar contains:

2 x RAW rolling papers

1 x Pack of cones

1 x Glass Filter tip

1 x Highly Enfused Grinder

5 x Baggies

1 x Lighter

1 x Silicone rosin pot

1 x Almond Canna Crumble

1 x Canna Honey

1 x CBD Candle

1 x CBD Lip Balm

1 x CBD Bathsalts

1 x CBD Relax & Meditate essential oil

1 x Infused 50mg choc

2 x Cola Gummies

1 x Cherry Gummy

1 x Nerd Bite

1 x Millions Bite

1 x .5g Sativa bud

1 x .5g Indica Bud

1 x .5g Cali Bud

1 x 1g Sativa/Indica bud

1 x 1g Cali Bud

1 x £5 Highly Enfused Gift Voucher 


  • This Calendar can be pre-ordered & paid for pick up from one of our participating stores in Amsterdam, Barcelona & London - you will require a medicinal canna card for our UK participants and will be directed to a registed licensed medicinal cannabis pharmacy to pick up your order.

    These are licensed stores and will require the email receipt & your ID to collect.

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