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HIGHLY ENFUSED MIRACLE BALM... The balm that has everyone talking about the amazing heaing & rejuvenating properties within!


Our all new CBD, THC & MIX (CBD & THC) Salves are made using the best natural & organic ingredients mixed with the goodness from hemp & cannabis plants grown by licensed farmers in the U.K. sent direct to our team to enbale us to hand make every single jar with just the right magical ingredients to sooth and heal all kinds of ailments & skin conditions such as:

Eczama, Psoriasis, dry skin patches, roseacea, inplammation, muscle aches & pains, sports & personal injuries, post operative care, wounds, burns, skin infections and a whole lot more!


The human body has an endocannabinoid system, or ECS, that helps to bring it back into a state of balance. Our endocannabinoid receptors help control responses to stimuli like hunger, pain, sleep, and more. When CBD salve is massaged into the skin, all of the cannabinoids in it are absorbed into the tissue where they then reach the muscle tissue. The cannabinoids will next attach themselves to the body’s endocannabinoid receptors in the ECS that also connect directly to the central nervous System. Put simply, the cannabinoids interact with both the ECS and the central nervous system to help relieve muscle, joint, and skin discomfort, which make these balms a number one choice for most of our customers and anyone that has tried one of our miracle balms has never looked back!


The THC jars are fille dwith all the ingredients of the other 2 balms as well as a minimal legal amount of high strength THC/Infused Extract and no CBD.

The MIX Balm has both CBD & THC mixed into the base.

The CBD balm has only CBD with the base mix. 

All CBD used in our balms is natural, organic, full spectrum, wheat & gluten free and can be used by vegans.


50ml & 150ml jars available


PriceFrom £23.00
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