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Our very own fruit flavoured long Gummy  Ropes covered in your sweet shop faves!


Each Rope is infused with 200mg of the best natural fresh pressed extract hand pressed & made by our team with love making this a special treat to share or go alone!

Each gummy rope is covered in either millionz or nerdz  - the choice is yours!


*1 Rope per pack

*200mg per pack

*Over 18's purchase & consumption ONLY!


  • All of our products are sold where legal, certain states/countries do not allow the sale of certain CBD or infused products so we will only sell products where permitted via our selected sellers/outlets where you can purchase in the country of your residence. 

    All products can be pre-ordered & paid for on our website for you to collect from our selected sellers - please make sure your product is available at that outlet - all sellers/shops will be listed on the your confirmation email.

    If you purchase products you are not authorised to purchase in your country of residence, we will not send out the products & will refund you within 14 days of purchase date. 

    Some items are for souvenir use ONLY - please do not use these products if it is not legal to do so!

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