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Stella Vaporizer Kit - Dr. Dabber


The Stella vaporizer pen kit from Dr. Dabber is the latest new vape pen from this pioneering American manufacturer.

Following on from the incredible success and popularity of the Dr. Dabber Aurora, the Stella is a next-generation vape pen suitable for use with wax, oil, CBD extracts and viscous concentrates.

Built around a sleek, stainless steel body, the Stella features three heat settings that range between 460“ 775 degrees Fahrenheit. The settings have been chosen by Dr. Dabber's vape experts based on feedback from customers, so are at optimum temperatures for different vaping styles.

The beating heart of the Stella is the new alumina ceramic chamber with a sealed alumina ceramic heating element. This advanced new chamber has a ˜floating'™ design which minimized contact between the heating element and the rest of the vape pen“ this reduces heat transfer to your hands and focusses heat on the vaporization chamber. Additionally, the heating system features all-new TCR technology (Temperature Coefficient Resistance) which allows the battery to operate at variable voltage depending on the desired temperature setting. This extends battery life, wick and coil efficiency and improves the consistency of the Stella's performance by eliminating dry or burnt hits.


Hits are further improved by the Stella's offset air intakes that create a swirling vortex of airflow which optimises flavour and boosts vapour production. The improved mouthpiece and silicone airflow regulator complete the set-up to ensure this is Dr. Dabber's finest wax pen to date. They even include pass-through charging capabilities, so you'll never be without your vape, even when it's charging.


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