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Our handmade infused cherry gummies are a big hit worldwide, so we decided to make a larger version with more infusion & flavour for those that want more of a kick! 

Each gummy is handmade with love and infused with 100mg of fresh pressed extract added to our secret vegan cherry gooey gummy ingredients, giving you a mild mellow feeling to start you off nice!


*4 Gummy Medallions per pack.

*100mg per gummy - 400mg per pack

*All natural & organic ingredients used

*Must be over 18 to purchase & consume



  • All of our products are sold where legal, certain states/countries do not allow the sale of certain CBD or infused products so we will only sell products where permitted via our selected sellers/outlets where you can purchase in the country of your residence. 

    ALL members with Canna Cards can purchase all products listed on our website as long as proof has been sent at time of membership sign up.

    If you purchase a products you are not authrosied to purchase in your country of residence, we will not send out the products & will refund you within 14 days of purchase date. 

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