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Artisan Belgian Milk Chocolate Hearts with Silky Caramel Filling...

Indulge in the exquisite blend of velvety milk chocolate and rich, buttery caramel. Our meticulously hand crafted chocolates made with love by our Artisan team, are a symphony of flavors, perfect for those who appreciate the finer things in life with exact infusion measurements per piece.


Our chocolate hearts are made with the finest Belgian milk chocolate & filled with our creamy caramel! Each batch is made fresh on the day of purchase so your chocolate hearts can last up to 2 months!


    • Belgian Milk Chocolate: Made from the finest cocoa butter, sugar, and milk, our milk chocolate boasts a delicate sweetness that envelops your taste buds.
    • Silky Caramel: Our luscious caramel filling is handcrafted using a secret recipe, combining cream, butter, and a touch of sea salt. It oozes decadence with every bite.
  • Texture and Taste:

    • The outer layer of our chocolates features a smooth, brown shell, concealing the hidden treasure within.
    • As you take that first bite, the milk chocolate melts gently on your tongue, revealing the gooey caramel center. The contrast between the creamy chocolate and the sweet caramel is pure bliss.
  • Flavor Profile:

    • Belgian Milk Chocolate: The cocoa used in Belgian chocolate is often roasted to perfection, resulting in strong fudge flavor notes. It’s a harmonious blend of richness and depth
    • Caramel: Buttery, slightly salty, and utterly addictive. The caramel dances between sweet and savory, leaving you craving more.


*Belgian Milk Chocolate

*Douche creamy Caramel

*Handmade fresh on day of purchase

*Lasts up to 2 months - try to consume within 2-3 weeks for the freshest experience!

*2, 4 or 6 pieces per box

*Exact Infusion measurements


These large chocolate hearts are infused with either 50mg, 100mg, 150mg or 200mg fresh pressed extract so everything is measured correctly to the point!


Note: Our chocolates are made with love and passion, using fair-trade Belgian chocolate of the highest quality. Discover the joy of artisanal confections today! ðŸ«ðŸ¤Ž


PriceFrom £25.00
  • Please be advised that this product is based on a pre-order service of 1 day as these chocolates are made fresh on the day of order and take 24 hours to create & finish.

    Example: You place the order on Monday and pay for next day delivery - your order will not be sent out until the following day after it has been made so you should receive your order by Weds/Thurs. If you opt for 2-3 days it will take up to 5 days to arrive

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